CMC offer a custom design service to volume consumers of Airmaster products only.  Consult your product supplier to establish qualifying criteria!

Designing a custom Q Series user interface typically consists of...

  • Choosing a Size of user interface (Q1: Size 1 or Size 2, Q2: 1 size only)
  • Decide whether or not to use the 'Size 1' Bezel (Q1, Size 1 only!)
  • Consult the respective 'Generic' user interface for design ideas
  • Consult the Q Series user interface 'Design guidelines'
  • To further aid understanding, consult the Q Series user interface 'Detailed specification'
  • In your chosen design environment, establish a template (template dimensions are provided in the 'Design guidelines' document)
  • Assemble design content as necessary
  • Check design conformity by referring to the Design guidelines' document, Page 1
  • Send the completed design file to CMC

You can use the following link to reach the User Interface Design resources referred to above...CLICK HERE

On receipt of a conformal design file, CMC will produce a custom 'user interface' design PDF incorporating everything required to produce the user interface (Key specification layer, LED specification layer, graphic content layer etc) for validation prior to production.

Once validated, this design PDF will be used in the manufacturing process