How do I update the Q1 software application on the Airmaster Q1 controller by myself?


1. What do you need before you start.

You need to install the Flashtool application.

You will also need an USBnano485 device (partnr Y07CMD0.00) to make a connection between the Airmaster Q1 controller and your PC.

In addition to the installation of the flashtool PC program, the USBnano485 device also requires additional drivers to be installed.

2. Making a connection between your PC an Airmaster Q1 controller.

Insert the USBnano485 device into a USB port of your PC and connect the other side to an AIRBUS485 port of your Airmaster Q1 controller (e.g. X04 port).

3. Flashtool File selection.

Start the Flashtool application and click the “File” button, a file navigation window will appear.

Use the navigation tool to select the required program file and then click “open”.

Check if the “status” bar shows “File ready”.

4.Flashtool Setup.

To configure and setup the Flashtool application for your Airmaster Q1 controller click on the “options” button.

The “Flashtool options” window will appear.

5. Flash the application software. 

Click the “Flash” button to start the programming process.

Window when Flashtool is programming the Airmaster Q1 controller.

When the flash programming process is successfully complete the controller will automatically reset, the new application software will run.

Remove the flashtool connection on the AIRBUS485 port (e.g. X04) and re-connect any previous connections.

Check all controller menu settings and options, readjust if required.