Modbus communication with an Airmaster controller.

Q:        What do I need to establish Modbus communication with an Airmaster controller?

A:        Follow the steps described below for the Airmaster controller you want to configure for Modbus communication.

Airmaster controller P1

To establish  Modbus communication with an Airmaster P1 controller you will need a

RS485 communication option card (partnr. Y08CM17.00) and a Modbus gateway

(partnr. Y07ENER03.00)

You will also need the fieldbus table of the Airmaster P1 controller.

The RS485 communication option card for the Airmaster P1 can be factory fitted, or

retro-fitted, with an optional 2-wire RS485 serial communications port (Airbus485).

The RS485 option is automatically detected, no menu adjustments are required.