Modbus communication with an Airmaster controller.

Q:        What do I need to establish Modbus communication with an Airmaster controller?

A:        Follow the steps described below for the Airmaster controller you want to configure for Modbus communication.

Airmaster controller Q1

To establish  Modbus communication with the Airmaster Q1 controller you’ll need to configure the Airmaster Q1. So you will need to establish a connection between the Airmaster Q1 and the Modbus Master and you will need the fieldbus list of the Airmaster Q controller.

The Airmaster Q1 controller is standard fit with a (configurable) RS485 communication port(X04).

Follow the next steps to configure your Airmaster Q1 controller for Modbus communication.

Go to P10 EQUIP settings 1

Scroll down to P10.09 (RS485 X04 CONFIG) and press the ENTER button.

Set P10.09.01 to Modbus Slave

And adjust the parameters below.