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Alarm message A2831

I found this error code in the Q1 manual. Can you tell me more about the cause and how to fix this error? 

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From the manual :

What the alarm message is stating is that the Q1 controller does not detect the correct hardware for Airbus485 communication on port X05 or X06.

As you might know, RS485 ports X05 & X06 are option card (i.e. not all Q1 controllers are fitted with these RS485 cards).

If, for example, your Q1 controller is not fitted with RS485 card  X06 and you set parameter P10.11.01 to Airbus485 then it will trigger alarm message A2831

In order to reset this alarm message, set parameter P10.11.01 to Modbus slave, exit P10 menu & press the reset button.

If RS485 option card is fitted to your Q1 controller and you get message A2831 when P10.11.01 is set for 'Airbus485' then you  are likely to have a hardware issue (no comms between option card & Q1 main PCB).

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